Banshee Bikes North American Webstore

December 14 2020 - Important Shipping Update:

Please expect shipping delays on all orders placed in December 2020. Banshee warehouses and ships all North American orders from a 3PL partner facility which usually means very fast order fulfillment and shipping during normal times. 

However right now is not normal. Globally there has been a massive uptick in online shopping due to covid and people shopping from home. Combine that with the big Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale season, and warehouses and shipping networks are seeing unprecedented volume. Lastly, the government has also started utilizing FedEx, UPS, and USPS trucks and planes for an emergency roll out of Covid 19 vaccinations. So this really is a perfect storm causing order delays.

The 3PL partner facility where Banshee orders ship from is currently quoting ~ 7 days for order fulfillment at this time, we are also monitoring orders and it seems like 7-10 days is now more normal. They are also warning that once orders leave their facility that it is very likely that they sit idle along the way while they wait on truck space for FedEx transport. 

Please have realistic expectations when placing new orders. It is very likely that new orders will not arrive before Christmas, and possibly not before New Years.

If everything goes according to the current trajectory and plans, our 3PL facility and the national shippers all expect to clear the backlog, and get back to more normal operations mid January. 

Thanks for the patience, and we hope everyone has a healthy and happy holiday season!